National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) Training Academy Recap

Last week, a large group of Greenfield Institute representatives attended various training sessions in Charlotte, NorthCarolina, sponsored by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC). The sessions highlighted several different areas of focus for housing counselors that directly relate to the mission of Greenfield Institute. Attendees came from all over […]

Building a Sense of Home in Rented Spaces

Purpose – Much of the research into the development of home within the business literature has looked at home as a setting or a construct instead of as a process. Additionally, extant research has explored the process of homebuilding within the context of homeownership, often defining home in terms of […]

An Alternative Spatial Hedonic Estimation Approach

Housing studies typically use parcel level distance variables or some variant of the spatial weights matrix approach to incorporate spatial effects into hedonic regression models. In this paper, using very detailed data on household attitudes and parcel attributes, hedonic regression residuals are used in a structural equations framework to […]

Household Diversity and Market Segmentation within a Single Neighborhood

Housing hedonic studies typically assume that individuals or households are similar enough to aggregate into a single demand equation for analysis, usually relying on ordinary least squares (OLS) or some other single-line equation estimator. Diversity itself is managed by non-spherical disturbance corrections, typically spatial autocorrelation or heteroskedasticity in the […]