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At a time when data is often easily accessible, the question for many is not how to get the required information, but how to best understand and analyze it.

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Our clients vary as much geographically as they do in their individual needs. Greenfield’s analytics team builds business plans and feasibility studies for foreign investors looking to secure visas through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. We advise international clients on a wide range of economic and real estate topics. Our tax assessment systems help cities around the world assess and collect property taxes efficiently and accurately.



Tax Assessment Systems

Greenfield understands all the processes and procedures related to mass appraisal. These range from developing project specifications, quality control and quality assurance, data collection, valuation, appeal processes, and communications. Our experienced team has worked in many jurisdictions across the globe, giving us a unique and extensive knowledge of appraisal systems. We can design an approach that works for both the short- and long-term plans of your organization.

Investment Funding

We assist middle-market and emerging growth companies in accessing the dynamic private capital markets for equity and debt financing. Over the years, these markets have grown to encompass thousands of capital providers of varying quality and reputation. Growing middle market companies have numerous options to consider when evaluating how to grow their business. Two of the most important are finding value-added partners to invest in the company and executing a transaction at the appropriate valuation.

We represent clients as an agent in raising capital from institutional investors. The types of capital raising transactions we look for include venture capital for emerging growth companies, growth capital for more established companies, and leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations for growth-oriented companies with strong cash flows.

Through this experience, we have formed relationships with hundreds of capital providers across the country and internationally who invest across industries and stages of a company’s lifecycle. While every capital raise introduces new relationships, we have built a broad network of contacts with reputable venture capital firms, capital raising groups, mezzanine funds, and senior lenders, many of whom view Bartow Street Capital as a proprietary source of deal flow for quality middle-market opportunities.

Since the market requires that a company represent a significant growth opportunity combined with a highly qualified management team, we are highly selective regarding our capital raising clients. We typically work with established companies, but we will assist companies at an earlier stage of development that have exceptional growth potential.

EB-5 Visa Support

Greenfield Advisors uses its skills in economic analysis to assist clients with the EB-5 Visa process. Our staff works closely with clients to compile the necessary data to build comprehensive business plans and economic impact studies for any business venture. Our team of analysts goes step-by-step with clients through the property research, data compilation, and analysis phases to ensure that the final reports we produce are of the highest quality and meet all of the requirements of the EB-5 Visa process.

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