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The breadth of Greenfield Advisors’ experience is illustrated by high-profile projects such as expert witness service in contaminated property litigation and mortgage-backed securities lawsuits; managing the tax assessment system for Port-au-Prince, Haiti; and capital raising for clients in the real estate industry.



John Kilpatrick, Ph.D., MAI, FRICS

Chairman and Co-Managing Director john@greenfieldadvisors.com

Dr. Kilpatrick has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate and appraisal industry. He is a certified appraiser in all 50 states, and has testified as an expert witness in a wide range of lawsuits.

Clifford A. Lipscomb, Ph.D., MRICS

Vice Chairman and Co-Managing Director cliff@greenfieldadvisors.com

Dr. Lipscomb provides expert knowledge to Greenfield Advisors and all of its subsidiaries. His expertise in property valuation guides the firm’s strategic vision.



Denise Hemphill, MBA

Director, Finance denise@greenfieldadvisors.com

Mrs. Hemphill is a member of the company’s Management Team, providing financial expertise and guidance.

Lisa Mc Sherry, SPHR

Director, Administration lisa@greenfieldadvisors.com

Mrs. Mc Sherry is a member of the company’s Management Team and has been with the company for fifteen years. She oversees the day-to-day operations of Greenfield Advisors and its subsidiaries.

Jonathan Putman, PMP

Director, Operations jonathanp@greenfieldadvisors.com

Mr. Putman is a member of the company’s Management Team and leads the Analysts. He has more than 10 years of experience conducting economic, real estate, and market research analysis, including large-scale litigation, environmental contamination, and preservation/conservation projects.

Alon Bassok,PH.D.

Principal Data Scientist

Dr. Bassok represents AVM Analytics, markets Greenfield’s existing services, and guides the technical staff in developing new services in the tech field. Dr. Bassok brings a decade of experience in developing tolls in urban planning and real estate contexts.

Anthony Conrad

Systems Administrator

Mr. Conrad manages the company’s IT systems and coordinates security protocols.

Jessica Flood, MBA


Mrs. Flood holds dual baccalaureate degrees in Management and Sport Management from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Business Administration from Berry College. She has a background in healthcare, automotive, small business, higher education, sports, and non-profits.

Diego Herrera

Real Estate Specialist

Mr. Herrera provides analytical support for clients.

Jonathon Hirschi


Mr. Hirschi specializes in statistical analysis and modeling. He is an experienced programmer proficient in several programming languages.

Jessica Kenyon, MS


Mrs. Kenyon is an experienced statistician who has conducted a comprehensive review of spatial interpolation techniques available within ESRI ArcMap software and the statistical package R. She has software development experience in R and Python and programming experience in R, SAS, MATLAB, Mathematica, and Python.

Minkyu Kim, MS


Mr. Kim is experienced with many statistical analysis and data modeling methods, including linear regression, logistical regression, generalized estimating equations, and linear mixed models.

Randall Lowell

Senior Compliance Analyst / Executive Director, Greenfield Institute

Mr. Lowell is the executive director of Greenfield Institute, a non-profit that offers HUD counseling to low-to-middle income families and other groups in need of guidance through the home-buying process and provides assistance to homeowners following a disaster.

Elizabeth Luff

Database Architect

Mrs. Luff has nearly two decades of experience working in a variety of technical and IT leadership roles in the real estate, finance, accounting, and healthcare industries.

Abigail Mooney

Senior Analyst / RMBS Program Coordinator

Ms. Mooney specializes in managing large-scale litigation projects, and serves as the Program Coordinator across all RMBS matters at the firm. She is also a member of our Marketing Team and offers support in data management and various technical tasks.

Kerry Mulvaney

Senior Analyst / Certified General Appraiser

Mrs. Mulvaney has extensive experience in large-scale litigation, including mortgage-backed securities and environmental contamination. She also takes on projects involving appraisal review, domestic and international trophy property valuation, patent disputes, preservation/conservation projects, high-amenity land valuation, condemnation, and Rails-to-Trails valuation. She has been with Greenfield Advisors for over 20 years, is a graduate in Spanish and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Ms. Mulvaney is a Certified General Appraiser in Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, and California.

Teresa Newby

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Newby manages all administrative duties for the west coast office and supports the firm’s Management team.

Michael Podolsky, J.D., Ph.D.

Corporate Strategist mpodolsky@greenfieldadvisors.com

Mr. Podolsky assists in marketing initiatives for Greenfield Advisors and all of its subsidiaries. In his position as Corporate Strategist, Mr. Podolsky will lead the marketing team to expand Greenfield Advisors beyond its traditional client base. He holds a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University.

Tyler Rogstad


Mr. Rogstad provides support to our team using his skills in data analysis, financial forecasting, and reporting. He has experience analyzing and underwriting business loans in the nonprofit, real estate, and commercial industrial industries.

Kasia Rozanska

Data Systems Coordinator

Ms. Rozanska coordinates between the analysts and database architect to build databases and prepare raw data used by our team, in order to provide clients with the most accurate available information.

MattHEW Shaw, MBA

Analyst / Portfolio Manager, ACCRE

Mr. Shaw leads projects in environmental contamination, construction defect, and financial securities litigation matters. He also specializes in analyzing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and is the Portfolio Manager of our subsidiary ACCRE – a private REIT fund of funds.

Jesse Simpson

Associate Analyst

Mr. Simpson works with project leads on property valuation projects.

Linda Tayntor

Senior Analyst

Ms. Tayntor works primarily on complex real estate valuation, particularly appraisal of environmentally impaired property, and frequently serves as project lead on litigation projects.

Paul Topping


Mr. Topping has 20 years of experience in wide areas of real estate such as brokerage, REO, valuation, corporate relocation, asset management, commercial real estate and real estate branding. He leads complex RMBS valuation litigation projects as well as social media marketing.

Holly WHarton

Associate Analyst/Executive Assistant

Mrs. Wharton provides administrative support for the East Coast office and assists the Co-Managing Director. She also provides research support for litigation projects and non-profit development.

Ruel J. Williamson, FRICS

Senior Analyst

Mr. Williamson is an internationally-reknowned expert in tax assessment systems. He builds, maintains, and coordinates tax assessment systems for governments at every level around the globe. Contact him at:



What We Do Best

Litigation Support

We are the preeminent voice in matters of complex real estate valuation for litigation.

AVM Analytics

We build complex valuation tools and algorithms for real estate and built environment-related industries.

Business + Finance

We use our skills in economic and financial analysis to assist clients with the EB-5 Visa process, business valuation, REITs, and more.

EB-5 VISA Support

Our staff works closely with clients to compile the necessary data to build comprehensive business plans and economic impact studies for any business venture.

Real Estate Analysis

From contaminated property to easements, complex valuation is our specialty.

Tax Assessment Systems

Our experienced team has worked in many jurisdictions across the globe, giving us a unique and extensive knowledge of appraisal systems.

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