Data & Analytics

By working at the forefront of the real estate technology sector by developing valuation tools, algorithms and software for the real estate and built environment-related industries we leverage decades of experience in real estate appraisal, mass valuation and urban analytics. We focus on providing bespoke algorithms, processes, analyses and data visualization for clients in need of tailored solutions that off-the-shelf software or generic consulting firms cannot supply.

Data & analytics

Direct Support

Based in Seattle, we work as direct consultants, contractors, and/or in partnership arrangements, depending on the project.

AVM Tools & Analysis

We leverage decades of experience in real estate appraisal, mass valuation and urban analytics to focus on providing tailored algorithms, processes, analyses and data visualization for clients in need of tailored solutions that off-the-shelf software or standard valuation firms cannot supply.

Bespoke Tools

A team of data scientists and statisticians with a collection of industry experts (appraisers and economists) in order to build custom market analysis tools for the real estate and built environment industries.

Data Curation

From Data Entry to Database Development, let our team help you turn your raw real estate data into useful information.

Data & Analytics

Automated Valuation Models

Reproducibility and transparency are the core tenets of our product design and workflow strategy. We value honesty in algorithms and are working hard to shatter the ‘black box’ image often associated with mass valuation and other data science tools used in the urban analytics domain. To help accomplish this, we provide direct customer support for our products so any questions can be answered directly by the data scientist or analyst who developed or maintains our tools, products or analyses.

Additionally, as we have benefited greatly from open source software and data we are aiming to release a number of our tools, algorithms and datasets into the public domain in the near future. Watch our blog for more information about our work in this arena: LABS@Greenfield

Retrospective, Legal Grade AVMs

We have an extensive background in developing retrospective automated valuation models for use in legal matters, from eminent domain to class action litigation. All of our processes and models are meticulously document and reproducible by all parties in evidentiary discovery situations.

Custom AVM Products

Our AVM software has been designed to be flexible with regard to data source, property type and modeling approach. If you have a property valuation need, regardless of the size or scope, there is a high likelihood that we can fit your needs into a structured, standardized, and transparent mass valuation framework.

Rental Market Models

We are currently gathering a wide variety of rental data, both historical and current, to support the development of advanced rental market models. If you need deeper insights into residential rental markets, traditional and short-term (Airbnb, etc.), we can help.

Data & Analytics

Bespoke Tools

We believe that by combining technical know-how with real world experience, we can build the best tools for extracting valuable information from large datasets.  Knowing what data to analyze and why is just as important as the code and software that underlying our tools.

House Price Indexes

Leveraging recent internal research, we are building a custom area house price index product. Need market trends for an area that isn’t traditionally covered (Metro Region, ZIP Code, County, etc.), let us know and we can produce custom indexes for any market area or submarket type (3-bedroom homes only, for example).

Rent-Price Ratio Analysis

Understanding the relationship between rents and prices is fundamental to long-term success in residential real estate investing and analysis.  We have pioneered a new approach to ‘de-bias’ traditional rent-price ratio estimates and provide a clearer analysis of market mechanics. Technical details are available.

Short Term Rental (AirBnB) Potential

From the analyst’s perspective, short term rental market (Airbnb and its competitors) are big on hype but short on hard data and analyses. We are looking to change that. We are developing a number of models aimed at informing: 1) the impact of short term rental potential on home values; and 2) the decision between leasing long-term or short-term. More details are available

Data & Analytics

Data Curation

Data Entry

Not all data in the valuation and built environment world is machine readable, especially historical data. We have a well-trained data entry team whose focus is on providing efficient, detailed and documented data entry regardless of the variety of data sources. Our team has been specifically trained to extract relevant data from real estate related documents, files and databases. If you have files that need domain-expertise to help extract information, we can help.


Quality Control and Assurance

Through years of litigation support, we have developed well honed quality control and assurance practices. If you have a data-related process that needs to be done right the first time, contact our team.

Data Integration

Successfully building operable real estate valuation and market analysis databases is usually an exercise in integrating data of many difference scopes and sizes from many different sources. Let our decades of experiences help bring your data together.

From Our Co-Managing Director

Informed Custom Tools

The Data & Analytics team develops analytical tools to assist clients in their business intelligence efforts. Our analytical capabilities are grounded in industry-best practices and our decades of experience in real estate valuation, lending, finance, and marketing. Our data scientists and statisticians review existing data practices and determine how to best meet client needs. From our perspective, the data are just as important as the algorithms used to analyze the data.

– Dr. Cliff Lipscomb

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