We are pleased to announce that Greenfield Advisors’ Chairman and Co-Managing Director, Dr. John A. Kilpatrick, is a contributing author on 2 chapters in a new publication, Corridor Valuation: An Overview and New Alternatives. Dr. Kilpatrick provided, “[t]his is an anthology co-published by the Appraisal Institute, the Appraisal Institute of Canada, and the International Right of Way Association. It features contributions from numerous authors on the valuation techniques for a variety of corridor-type properties, such as rail lines, pipelines, and telecommunications corridors. I’m pleased to note that I contributed the chapter on telecom cables, and co-authored the chapter on rails-to-trails corridors.”

Dr. Kilpatrick’s guidance on Telecommunications Corridors constitutes Chapter 8, and covers several analytical valuation methods with particular attention to the use of such methods under USPAP. The piece he co-authored with David Matthews, regarding Rails to Trails Valuation comprises Chapter 4. In all, the book includes 10 chapters of appraisal guidance covering a wide range of corridor valuation topics which set the foundation for future standards and publications on this topic.

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If you would like a copy of Corridor Valuation: An Overview and New Alternatives, you can get it on the Appraisal Institute website.