Here are some of the stories we’ve been following this week.

Cincinnati. Used under Creative Commons CC0 1.0.

  • The Nebraska Public Service Commission denied TransCanada Corporation’s request to amend the route the Keystone XL pipeline would take through Nebraska. The decision could slow down the proposed pipeline’s construction.
  • A New York homeowner is suing the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation. The plaintiff wants to be compensated for his land’s oil-and-gas rights because the state’s fracking ban means the homeowner can’t have fracking on his land.
  • Methane has been seeping from a closed landfill in Maryland. The local board of commissioners recently approved a plan to vent the methane into the air and prevent the gas from continuing to reach nearby properties.
  • The venture capital firm Sequoia is expected to begin in early 2018 raising $5 billion for its next global growth fund.
  • Researchers in Colorado will soon be studying how contaminated water near an air force base affected the health of people exposed to the water.
  • In Wood County, Virginia, the North Bend Rails To Trails Foundation is working to purchase more land to connect the more than 70 miles of trails along the rail line built in the 19th century
  • Officials in Cincinnati are considering raising property taxes to help close budget gaps and assist in paying for city projects.
  • Attorneys for 3M argued in court that Minnesota cannot seek damages for water contamination because the statute of limitations has passed.
  • Speeding trains in Whatcom County, Washington can be slowed or even stopped, thanks to technology installed along the rail lines.