Greenfield is excited to announce that our subsidiary, ACCRE, will be launching a new performance-metric tool that compares returns on the FTSE-NAREIT All REITs Index against our own REIT securities portfolio. For comparison, ACCRE, has a cumulative return that is nearly four times the return that the S&P 500 and the NAREIT indexes have shown since March 2017. This model was created to fill a void in data resources for REIT Securities Investors, and designed to lower portfolio volatility, increase returns, and identify diverse investments.

You can read additional coverage in Real Estate Finance & Investment magazine, or head to the Accre website to learn more about our tool and what we’re up to! On the Accre website you can sign up for trade alerts and receive real time updates on our activity and strategy by signing up for our Premium Membership service. If you’re just interested in general updates our REIT performance, you can also sign up for a Free Subscription.