Greenfield Advisors Celebrates Expansion and Diversification

As one of the top real estate valuation firms in the country, Greenfield Advisors prides itself on its ability to provide clients with the data and expert analysis they need to make the right decisions. In 2017, Greenfield directed its efforts into new areas while still utilizing the skills […]

Economic Profile: Canada

As recent U.S. talks of a NAFTA re-negotiation looms over its certainty, Canada does not seem content to sit idle and seeks to determine its own global trade future. And that’s a great thing for international investors seeking to grow with Canada’s incredible economic strength and prospective trade expansion. […]

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Minimum Wage Update Part 1: A Year Later in Seattle

In the last year, a movement to raise the minimum wage has spread across the country. It started in cities like Seattle, where in 2014, the city council voted to incrementally raise the minimum wage over time. This minimum wage ordinance positioned Seattle as the host of a social […]

Remembering Dr. John Forbes Nash, Jr.

Few outside of math and economic circles knew the name John Nash before the 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe arrived in theaters. Based on the 1998 book of the same title, the story of a genius who also battled mental illness struck a chord with audiences, […]

Lost Profits and Damages from an Economist’s Point of View

What is an economist? What is the difference between economics and accounting? In this presentation, Dr. Kilpatrick outlines three things. First, what an economist does, separate and apart from what an accountant does, in a lost profits and damages matter. Second, he shows the special tools and techniques an […]