Greenfield Advisors, Inc., is pleased to announce its partnership with the Propel Opportunity Fund, a $450 million fund specifically charged with deploying investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones throughout the United States.

Based in Macon, Georgia, the Propel Opportunity Fund was launched in December 2018. Co-founders and father/son duo, Frank Austin, Jr. and James Frank Austin, III, have been awarded for their previous work in the revitalization of distressed communities. Their experience will influence the focus and goals for Propel’s Qualified Opportunity Zone investments.

Greenfield Advisors will provide advisory services to the Propel Opportunity Fund to assist in their due diligence efforts when sourcing potential projects for investment. Greenfield will apply its expertise from decades of forensic reviews of real estate deals, including appraisals, to complete in-depth evaluations of proposed opportunity zone projects, ensuring that Propel’s investments are allocated to the projects that are most likely to succeed and provide the expected returns to its investors.

Greenfield prides itself on developing creative solutions for complex issues, and this assignment will expand the breadth of its research into the Opportunity Zone arena. “After several years of deep dives into real estate transactions, our staff has the right expertise to provide actionable intelligence to the Propel staff as it makes allocation decisions,” said Dr. Clifford A. Lipscomb, Greenfield’s Vice Chairman and Co-Managing Director. “The tax incentives in the OZ space are absolutely phenomenal, but an inadequate real estate deal is horrific for investors. We are excited about our new partnership with Greenfield Advisors. Investors should be confident in the fact that Propel’s internal and external vetting process, the latter of which will be handled by Greenfield, will select the best investments,” said Frank Austin, Jr., Propel’s Founder and CEO.

About Propel Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund 
Propel Opportunity Fund is a socially responsible fund managed by principals with more than 10 years of community engagement experience. In addition, it is conveniently headquartered in Middle Georgia, which provides a geographical advantage due to the vast amount of Qualified Opportunity Zones in the Southeast region. Propel’s executive team and senior management has over 20 years of real estate, tax, finance, and business development experience. To promote transparency, Propel has partnered with NES Financial for fund administration to ensure compliance with the SEC and IRS reporting requirements. Propel is leading the charge to ensure its investors have the complete package by strengthening its risk mitigation framework internally and externally, creating returns, and changing the infrastructure of communities.

About Greenfield Advisors, Inc. 
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