U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, Alice G. Wells

March through May has been a busy few months for Greenfield. A Greenfield Business Delegation has been established to serve the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. The Delegation consists of Economists, Investors, Consultants, Analysts and Brokers. The task started at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. in early March. Greenfield sent the Director of Economic Research, Dr. Clifford Lipscomb, and myself to attend the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in order to stay up to date with global issues related to land tenure and land governance methods. During this conference, Dr. Lipscomb and I branched off to our first task of engaging the MENA region. Through various contacts in Jordan, I arranged a meeting with Her Excellency, Ambassador Alia Bouran and His Excellency, Nader AlSuhaim, Director of the Economic and Commerce Bureau of Jordan, at the Jordanian Embassy. During the meeting, we discussed the economic opportunities present in the MENA region. Shortly after, Dr. Lipscomb and I were invited to attend a Jordanian Trade Delegation meeting and dinner reception at the Jordanian Embassy. Present were the leading officials from various Jordanian Ministries, such as His Excellency Minister Ayman Hatahet of the Ministry of Transportation, Her Excellency Minister Maha Ali of the Ministry of Trade, Her Excellency U.S. Ambassador Alice G. Wells, U.S. Congressmen and Congress women, top Jordanian representatives and investors.

The Jordanian Trade Delegation attending the D.C. dinner reception furthered their endeavors in Seattle, Washington, where I joined the Jordanians and attended a meeting discussing the opportunities to invest in the MENA region through Jordan. I was then invited into the MENA region through the various ministries and the U.S. Ambassador. Subsequently, His Excellency Minister Sami AlHalaseh of the Ministry of Public Works personally invited the Greenfield Delegation to attend the Conference and Exhibition on the Reconstruction and Investment of Iraq, 2016, which was organized under the Ministry of Public Works. This conference was the Greenfield Delegation’s first engagement in the MENA region.

Conference and Exhibition on the Reconstruction and Investment in Iraq, 2016


Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan Safiya AlSuhail, left, and Jordan Public Works and Housing Minister Sami Al Halaseh, middle.

An opportunity has presented itself to Greenfield, as $100 billion dollars is estimated as the cost to rebuild the state of Iraq in the coming years. This estimate, drawn from economic analysts, has been quoted by Minister Ayman Hatahet, Minister Maha Ali, and U.S. Ambassador Alice G. Wells in Seattle. For 40 years, Greenfield Advisors has been working with clients across the world to achieve their Real Estate goals. Using this wealth of knowledge, Greenfield has been involved in the MENA region for the latter half of 2015 and 2016. Greenfield has the capacity to serve as advisory council to government bodies in order to ensure that due diligence and fair trade are carried out during the massive reconstruction phases of Iraq. Greenfield is also extending its expertise into the private sector in order to carry out efficient and quality development projects with exceptional consultation.

Greenfield Advisors is serving the MENA region in the following, although they are not limited to these categories:

Feasibility Studies for Development Projects

Valuation of:

  • Trophy/Iconic Property (palaces and historic locations)
  • Rights of Way (roads, infrastructure)
  • Post-Disaster Redevelopment
  • Historic and Cultural Sites
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Natural Resources
  • Easements

Immediate and large-scale property appraisal through our Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

  • Real Estate
  • Investment Funds
  • Healthcare and Technology

From left, Nawaf Alfaouri of Greenfield Advisors, Ministry of Trade Senior Advisor to the Minister, Gina Farraj, and Jonathan Putman of Greenfield Advisors

The Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq presented investment opportunities in each governorate of the State of Iraq. Greenfield Advisors held direct talks with private sector parties engaged in the reconstruction and redevelopment in these Iraqi governorates. The Greenfield Delegation presented both capital raising services for entities interested in investors as well as consultation services for Real-Estate developers.

Furthermore, talks between the Greenfield Delegation and high-ranking delegates of the Services Committee on the Iraqi Parliament were very productive.  Our firm has the experience to improve Iraqi economic structures and further encourage investors to rebuild Iraq. These discussions have prompted the Greenfield Delegation to operate with Iraqi beneficiaries on a number of ongoing projects in the Real Estate sector.

The Kingdom of Jordan as a hub to the MENA Region
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has reinvented itself to serve as a hub to access the economies of the MENA region in an environment protected by excellent security, a vibrant Business Park, and a thriving economy. This is why Greenfield Advisors shall operate in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. The Greenfield Delegation has been received by the Ministry of Trade’s Senior Advisor to the Minister, Gina Farraj. Gina Farraj and His Excellency, the Companies Controller of the Ministry of Trade, have handled the streamlined licensing procedures in order to operate in Jordan. Jordan has established a series of Investment Laws and Free Trade Agreements that have favored U.S. companies operating in the Kingdom. The Ministry of Trade has demonstrated great efficiency and streamlined processes that have allowed Greenfield to operate without hindrance or delay. After receiving operational consultation from the Ministry of Trade, Greenfield Advisors is set for the MENA region.