Greenfield Advisors Celebrates Productive First Half of 2017

The first half of 2017 has been a busy one for Greenfield Advisors. We’ve expanded not only our main team, but we have also opened new avenues of business. Below are just a few of the highlights of the first half of this year.

Our valuation expertise has for a […]

New Project Displays Greenfield’s Economic Expertise

Greenfield Advisors is well-known in the areas of complex economic consulting and real estate valuation for a wide variety of clients across the country.  Recently, we were asked to do something we’ve never tackled before, and happily took it on.

The project involves two of the tallest buildings in Augusta, […]

Greenfield Advisors Launches Pharmaceutical and Medical Royalty Valuation Practice

CARTERSVILLE, GA and SEATTLE, WA, JANUARY 13, 2016 – Greenfield Advisors now provides expert medical royalty valuation. The financial and real estate consulting firm saw a need for such services after meeting with several executives in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

“We heard it time and again that investors, biotechnology […]

Valuation of Drug Royalties

Drug royalties are the royalties paid primarily by pharmaceutical companies to academic institutions, scientists, and development stage biotechnology companies for the intellectual property (IP) produced by new drug development. It is important to note that multiple royalties can be paid on one drug to originators of the various patents […]

Newest Greenfield Advisors Paper Examines Shale Gas Development

Analysts at Greenfield Advisors have a paper published in the most recent issue of The Review of Regional Studies. The paper, entitled “Unconventional Shale Gas Development and Real Estate Valuation Issues,” is the most-viewed article from the special issue devoted to shale energy development. From the abstract:

“With the research on […]

Valuation of Brownfield Properties

This chapter examines the valuation considerations for brownfields and other contaminated real estate, including issues such as stigma, appraisal standards and methods, and incorporates the impacts of the 2002 Brownfields Amendments on valuation practice. Additionally, this chapter presents examples of value-added opportunities in brownfield development, with a focus on […]

Valuing Brownfields

The appraisal adds significantly to the overall brownfield evaluation and potential adaptive reuse in numerous ways. The appraisal can and should be viewed as a decision-making tool to optimize financial decisions regarding brownfields. This chapter illustrates key elements of the appraisal analysis, thus highlighting important impacts on brownfield redevelopment […]

Valuation of Impaired Land: Greenfield Advisors Experience with Contaminated Sites

This paper reviews issues related to estimating property value effects from contaminated sites. Industrial economies release millions of chemicals into air, soil, and water with adverse effects on human health, other species, future community economic development, and private property values. Hundreds of thousands of parcels are damaged by contamination […]

Highlights from Valuation of Brownfield Properties

The January 2006 update to Lexis-Nexis Matthew Bender’s Valuation Law and Practice saw a wholesale revision of Chapter 29, “Valuation of Brownfield Properties.” This article summarizes some of the highlights of that revision.
Author: John A. Kilpatrick
Originally published in the ABA Environmental Transactions and Brownfields Committee Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 1 (2006)
Click here […]