Construction Defects — Appraisal Challenges

This paper discusses some of the current appraisal challenges in valuing properties with construction defects, as well as trends on the horizon.
Author: John A. Kilpatrick

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The Gulf Oil Spill – Updated

Greenfield Advisors produced a June 15, 2010, white paper on the valuation issues stemming from the April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon explosion, fire, and subsequent oil spill. Since that time, significant new issues have arisen. Greenfield has been asked to take the lead in valuation issues, and has responded with several […]

Valuation of Impaired Property

There are a variety of disciplines that address various aspects of the real estate valuation problem, including land planning, accounting, and business consulting. This chapter focuses on the appraisal model, since it is most widely accepted and understood in the U.S., particularly by the courts. However, while noting that […]

Summation of Evidentiary Rules for Real Estate Experts Mandated by Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Real estate professionals who are prospective expert witnesses face a new set of rules in gaining admissibility of their evidence and opinion into court. For many years, the credentials of the real estate expert were the primary criterion to qualification as an expert, and a single testimony often “validated” […]