Advanced Statistical Modeling in Real Estate Appraisal

This presentation provides a basic familiarity with the use of hedonic regression modeling (i.e., mass appraisal), survey research, meta-analysis, and expert systems in real estate appraisal. It discusses how these methods fit in the appraisal body of knowledge and comport with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) […]

Lost Profits and Damages from an Economist’s Point of View

What is an economist? What is the difference between economics and accounting? In this presentation, Dr. Kilpatrick outlines three things. First, what an economist does, separate and apart from what an accountant does, in a lost profits and damages matter. Second, he shows the special tools and techniques an […]

Construction Defects: The Appraisal Challenges

This presentation discusses some of the current appraisal challenges in valuing properties with construction defects, as well as trends on the horizon.
Presenter: John A. Kilpatrick
Presented at the Construction Defects and Insurance Coverage Conference, March 2011.
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Market Value(s)

This presentation provides an overview of market value for real estate appraisers. It presents some of the history of market value and several useful definitions. Numerous other values are then considered, including value in use, liquidation value, and investment value. Reference citations are provided throughout.

Presenter: John A. Kilpatrick

Presented at […]

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Economic Methods in Historic Preservation

In this presentation, Dr. Kilpatrick discusses various economic studies measuring the economic effects of historic preservation. Collectively, the studies are used to illustrate the variety of methodologies available to measure the impacts of historic preservation. The methods discussed include traditional appraisal approaches and more academic methods of economic valuation, […]