Greenfield Advisors Analyst Colleen Shanahan

Greenfield Advisors Analyst Colleen Shanahan recently earned her appraisal license for the state of Washington. The license will add one more layer of credibility to the already outstanding work Shanahan has done for the firm’s clients.

As an analyst, Shanahan is regularly called on to work on a wide range of real estate valuation cases brought in by clients. Her expertise in understanding the appraisal process has been instrumental in providing clients with accurate and useful reports that were essential in earning favorable outcomes in many cases.

“I’ve always enjoyed valuation work,” Shanahan said. “For me, the licensing was the next logical step in my career, and it will come in handy with the wide range of valuation work that we do at Greenfield.”

Shanahan’s background in forestry and natural resources where she conducted timber valuations helped prepare her for her role at Greenfield, as well as instill in her the foundation she would build on for her later work in real estate valuation.

Any appraiser will tell you, it’s not an easy or short road to earning a license. It requires a four-year degree plus working two years and 2,000 hours under a licensed appraiser. On top of that, Shanahan needed 300 education hours and then pass a 4-hour exam.

“It’s been a long time coming for me,” Shanahan said. “It was a lot of work, but I’m glad I can tell our clients that I’m also a licensed appraiser.”

Shanahan said she plans on continuing her education with an eye on next earning her license in California. Her push for constantly growing and learning makes her a great fit at Greenfield, where continuing education is encouraged.

“Our clients expect us to put forth our best work at every opportunity,” said Vice Chairman and Co-Managing Director Dr. Clifford Lipscomb. “We’re proud to have a team full of people like Colleen who are always striving to improve and learn and grow.”