For more than four decades, Greenfield Advisors has been a leader in real estate valuation, specifically in the field of contaminated properties. However, it is not all that we do. While our main areas of expertise relate to real estate, our team is also able to leverage its analytical skills in other areas, including economic analysis.

For entrepreneurs and investors, starting a business or bringing an idea from the drawing board to the ribbon cutting can seem like a long road, full of obstacles. To navigate the path to success, entrepreneurs need a road map to help them get to the finish line.

Greenfield Advisors provides business plans that allow entrepreneurs to figure out their next steps to make sure their proposed company starts off on the right foot and stays on the course to success.

Business Plan

Photo by Tumisu from Pixabay.

The process begins when our team gathers all the necessary information about a proposed business. Data on potential locations, projected financials, expectations for employment, marketing plans, market extent, and the proposed goods or services to be sold, among other data, are compiled.

Next, the team splits the project into different parts. The financial analysis is handled by our economics expert located in our east coast office. The other aspects of the business are explored and examined by our analytics team.

Once all of the information has been compiled, the team puts the pieces together. What started as an idea from a businessman becomes a plan of action that shows the path the client should take to realize their dream.

Our business plans are constructed to be useful in acquiring traditional financing or in applying for an immigrant investor program. No matter what the need, our team will build a business plan that meets the needs of our clients.

To find out more about how we build our business plans, or to schedule a meeting to discuss your own needs, please call 206-623-2935.