SEATTLE, WA and CARTERSVILLE, GA – Greenfield Advisors’ Vice Chairman and Co-Managing Director, Dr. Clifford A. Lipscomb, received the American Real Estate Society’s (ARES) prestigious Practitioner-Scholar Award at the organization’s annual conference in Bonita Springs, Florida, on April 12, 2018.

Dr. Lipscomb’s academic contributions to the real estate world have educated and inspired countless professionals in the industry, and the Practitioner-Scholar Award was a way for ARES to recognize his accomplishments. The award was given “for contributions to the body of real estate knowledge that are highly regarded by real estate academics, and that have been adopted and used by practitioners.”

“I used to be a university professor. I saw firsthand the disconnect between academics in the ‘ivory tower’ of the academy and real-world professionals. It has always been my goal to bridge the gap between the academy and industry professionals with work that is well-regarded by academics for its rigor, but also by professionals for its industry applicability,” said Dr. Lipscomb. “I was surprised and honored by this award, and I appreciate the support I have received from colleagues around the world.”

Dr. Lipscomb received the award during the ARES 2018 Annual Meetings, where he also spoke on a panel that addressed issues related to infrastructure and had some research presented by co-author Dr. John A. Kilpatrick on a forthcoming book (tentative title Stigma Revisited Again) that revisits the concept of real estate stigma, a term coined by Greenfield Advisors’ founder Dr. Bill Mundy more than 25 years ago. Today, Greenfield Advisors is one the foremost experts on stigma and the valuation of contaminated property.

Over the years, Dr. Lipscomb has written extensively on a wide range of real estate topics, from improving automated valuation models, to an examination of the obstacles Japan faces as it works to provide enough energy for its growing population, to an evaluation of performance of firms that received manufacturing assistance.

“My passion has always been real estate and environmental economics. I approach things like an academic,” Dr. Lipscomb said. “At its core, the real estate profession relies on research and data, and I will continue to contribute to our industry and bridge those gaps between the academy and industry professionals.”

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