Here are some of the stories we’ve been following this week.

London, England. From Pixabay. Used under Creative Commons.

  • New crude oil terminals would not be allowed to do business in Baltimore if a new measure passes the city council. The goal of the measure is to limit the number of oil trains moving through the city.
  • Property values in one suburb outside Sydney, Australia, have dropped as much as 20 percent or more because a nearby contaminated site has not been remediated, despite the owner being ordered to clean it up four years ago.
  • About 150 Ohio families are moving back into their homes after spending months in hotels while workers removed and replaced floor joists that were originally treated with a formaldehyde-based fire resistant coating.
  • London’s property market is now worth twice as much as the next nine United Kingdom cities combined.
  • 3M agreed to pay $850 million to settle a lawsuit over contaminated water found near the company’s headquarters in Minnesota.
  • Increased earthquakes in Kansas have been linked to wastewater injections at hydraulic fracturing sites.
  • Builders of the PennEast pipeline are preparing to use eminent domain to acquire land along the proposed route of the pipeline.
  • Leawood Capital is raising $25 million for a fund that will focus on investing in private companies with consistent cash flow.
  • Residents in Corning, New York, filed a lawsuit alleging that the neighborhood was previously used as place to dump waste by Corning Incorporated. The homeowners have suffered decreased property values as a result of the contamination, according to the lawsuit.