SEATTLE, Washington and CARTERSVILLE, Georgia – Greenfield Advisors created a new subsidiary earlier this year focused on investment banking activities, including capital raising and mergers and acquisitions consulting.  That subsidiary, Bartow Street Capital (BSC), utilizes the financial, valuation, and real estate expertise that Greenfield Advisors has acquired over the past 40  years.

Bartow Street Capital’s focus is in the pharmaceutical, medical, real estate, and financial technology sectors.  BSC Senior Director Joshua Salisbury spent most of his career prior to joining the team in the medical and pharmaceutical space.  In the first months of operation, BSC began working with new clients with a wide range of capital raising goals.

“We knew from the start that our team’s financial knowledge, paired with our broad background in economics and investment banking, would provide clients with a unique viewpoint on how to successfully meet their capital raising goals,” Salisbury said. “We find that issuers and potential investors respond well to our ability to break down the numbers in a way that gives them all the information they need without overloading them with data.”

Joining Salisbury at BSC is Dr. Clifford Lipscomb, the Vice Chairman and Co-Managing Director of Greenfield Advisors. Dr. Lipscomb’s understanding of the real estate industry allows BSC to move into other areas of capital raising, including fintech and real estate development.

“We want BSC to be more than just an avenue for companies to find capital,” Dr. Lipscomb said. “Our ability to analyze economic trends and provide high quality investor leads for issuers sets us apart.  We are small, but nimble, which allows us to pivot quickly without the bureaucracy of a larger investment bank.  Clients regularly tell us that they are pleased with the high quality investor leads we have been able to provide them.”

Both Salisbury and Dr. Lipscomb are FINRA licensed to handle capital raising operations and act as a placement agent. As 2016 draws to a close, BSC heads into the new year with a strong plan that will make 2017 another great year for the young company.

“Our first year was an exciting time as we found our footing and learned how best we can help our clients,” Salisbury said. “We’ve already had an existing client refer us to another potential client, which makes us feel good about the value we bring to those engagements.”

Find out more about Bartow Street Capital by calling 770-334-3952.

About Greenfield Advisors
Founded in 1976, Greenfield Advisors is a boutique economic and financial analysis firm that provides government and private sector clients with customized consultations and advisory services. Best known for its analysis of complex economic, financial, and real estate situations in high-profile litigation matters, Greenfield Advisors also develops feasibility studies, business plans, and appraisals for its clients. Greenfield Advisors’ subsidiary, Bartow Street Capital LLC, serves as its investment banking and capital raising arm, and its subsidiary, Accre LLC, acts as an investment principal. Learn more about Greenfield Advisors by calling 206-623-2935 or visiting

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