White House Oval Office during the administration of Bill Clinton

White House Oval Office during the administration of Bill Clinton. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

These are some of the stories we’ve been following this week.

  • Legislators in California passed a bill requiring contractors to disclose felony convictions for construction defects. The bill was prompted after a balcony at a Berkeley apartment collapsed, killing six people.
  • The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline is being touted as an economic booster, but opponents say it could damage the environment.
  • The push to raise minimum wage has gained traction in other states. Maine, Colorado, Arizona and Washington will have voters decide in November whether their respective states should raise the minimum wage.
  • In just two months the United States will select its next president. But what if someone wanted to actually buy the White House? What would be the cost?
  • A request to dismiss a lawsuit against landfill operators in a Kentucky county has been denied. The lawsuit alleges there were 47 county ordinance violations at the landfill over the course of five months last year.
  • Sharonville, Ohio is buying a Superfund site that was not successfully remediated. The city council hopes to use the property for future economic development.