Missouri Power Lines

Photo of Missouri power lines courtesy of Chris Yunker, CC BY-SA 2.0.

It’s been a couple of months since we posted just to let you know what we’ve been up to, and we have some exciting news that we’d love to share—a big win for one of our clients, and some new team members we’d like to introduce.

Our Managing Director, Dr. John Kilpatrick, was the key expert witness in a recent federal class action lawsuit in which plaintiffs won a $79 million verdict. The case involved a Missouri power company’s improper use of electric utility easements to run fiber optic cable on private property, and it may well be the first misuse of utility easements to proceed through trial to a jury verdict.

To provide customer service to our current and prospective clients in the Seattle office, we have a new Receptionist, Victoria Rodgers. She holds a baccalaureate degree in French Language and Literature with minors in Teaching English as a Second Language, Linguistics, and Russian from West Virginia University, where she was an Honors College member and graduated summa cum laude. Before joining Greenfield, Ms. Rodgers worked as an English Language Teaching Assistant in Annecy, France. She has worked in various customer relations and administrative positions for nearly a decade and enjoys developing an excellent rapport with customers.

We also have two new Associate Analysts in the Seattle office to introduce: Matthew Shaw and Colleen Shanahan. Mr. Shaw holds a baccalaureate degree in Structural Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tasmania (Australia), and he has experience in project management, financial modeling, business practice modernization, contract management, ISO 9001 Quality Management, geographic information systems (GIS), and civil and geotechnical engineering. He is skilled at data acquisition, database management, data analysis, and reporting with a variety of software suites. With broad knowledge in applying advanced mathematics in a variety of situations, Mr. Shaw is a frontline problem solver.

Ms. Shanahan holds a baccalaureate degree in Forest Management and Urban Forestry from Purdue University and master’s degrees in Administration & Management from Saint Michael’s College and Community Development & Applied Economics from University of Vermont. She is a Registered Real Estate Appraisal Trainee with a background in real property appraisal, economic development, and forestry, as well as entrepreneurial experience. She has considerable research and analysis experience, including conducting literature reviews, creating telephone surveys, and conducting quantitative and qualitative research studies and data analysis using SPSS, LIMDEP, and Microsoft Excel.

With these staffing changes, we are now even better positioned to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Contact us at either office to let us know how we can assist you. And we’ll post more news as we have it.