As I mentioned on Monday, things are relatively quiet in offices throughout the United States, and Greenfield Advisors is no different. Rather than post new articles this week, I’d like to share some of our best articles of the year with you. Today, let’s look back at our analysts’ examination of various valuation issues.

Abigail Mooney described an example in which survey methodology played a part in valuation back at the beginning of November. Despite scrubbing any identifying details out of respect for our client’s privacy, she paints a clear picture of how we can use survey research to support evidence compiled via other valuation methods.

Jonathan Putman spent November on a three-part series examining Kellogg, Idaho, a town that worked to recover from pervasive contamination issues. That series can be seen here, here, and here.

And finally, Sarah Kilpatrick and Dr. Cliff Lipscomb responded to a Nationwide Insurance press release from July by examining the insurance implications of property that becomes the site of a fracking operation. Setting aside the apparent controversy over hydraulic fracturing’s impact on the environment, it is undeniably a rapidly evolving industrial process that will have its own set of implications.

New articles will resume in 2013. Happy Holidays from all of us at Greenfield Advisors!

– John Casker