There’s Plenty of Good News for the Hotel and Resort Industry

For the first time ever, AAA predicted that more than 100 million people will be traveling during the holidays this year. Not all of them will be renting rooms from hotels or resorts, but it’s still good news for U.S. hotel owners and operators, who have already done well […]

Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

Recently Deloitte, a firm that provides auditing, tax, consulting, financial advising, and risk management services, published its 2013 outlook on the commercial real estate sector and outlined the top 10 issues they felt are affecting the industry. In this post, my focus will be on the issue of sustainability […]

The Economics of Taxi Medallions

Last October I was riding in the back of a taxi in Chicago. I asked the driver about the price he paid for his taxi medallion. (A taxi medallion is the license that allows drivers to operate a taxi.) He said he didn’t know because he was driving for […]

Foreclosures—An Update

The Seattle Times recently reported on data from RealtyTrac, a firm that specializes in foreclosure real estate listings, suggesting that in 2012 Washington State had the fewest home foreclosures since the onset of the 2008 recession.[1] The rate of foreclosure activity also declined on a national level, despite a continued increase in […]

Looking Backward and Forward: Economic Restructuring and United States Real Estate Markets

Two interconnected trends with far-reaching implications for the real estate industry have evolved in the United States over the last 50 years. First, the nation has steadily moved away from its traditional manufacturing base to become more specialized in services and information-producing industries, creating a demand for new kinds […]