Greenfield Advisors Celebrates Expansion and Diversification

As one of the top real estate valuation firms in the country, Greenfield Advisors prides itself on its ability to provide clients with the data and expert analysis they need to make the right decisions. In 2017, Greenfield directed its efforts into new areas while still utilizing the skills […]

Greenfield Advisors Receives Patent for AVM Process

SEATTLE, Washington and CARTERSVILLE, Georgia – Greenfield Advisors is excited to announce that its two principals have been issued their first patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The patent, U.S. Patent 9,582,819, is entitled “Automated-valuation-model training-data optimization systems and methods.”  The inventors are former Greenfield […]

Greenfield Advisors Promotes Analyst Following Successful Projects Abroad

SEATTLE, Washington and CARTERSVILLE, Georgia – Nawaf Alfaouri has been named an Analyst, in part due to his hard work assisting clients overseas. Alfaouri recently traveled to Jordan, where he coordinated meetings between a capital raising client and potential investors. Alfaouri’s connections and hard work led to our client […]

Celebrating a Successful 2016

It’s been quite a year for us. It started with us celebrating our 40th anniversary and ended with us successfully launching a new subsidiary focused on investment banking and capital raising. Perhaps what we are most proud of is the new partnerships we created while we continued to strengthen […]

Perception vs. Price: When Sellers Over- or Undervalue Their Homes

For anyone who ever loved to track down baseball cards, comic books, or other collectibles, there was nothing like looking up the value of your most prized possession. For kids, it was often a harsh discovery that the outfielder you spent several dollars on was worth just a fraction […]

How Do We Appraise a Property with Dinosaur Bones and Other Fossils?

At Greenfield Advisors, we have built a reputation on our ability to value a wide range of assets, from contaminated properties to trophy properties, and from an alpaca herd to pharmaceutical royalties. One of the many interesting projects we have worked on over the last 40 years involved appraising a […]

IPTI Mass Appraisal Valuation Symposium – Part Deux

Last week, I discussed the first day of sessions at the 10th IPTI Mass Appraisal Valuation Symposium in Amsterdam. Day 2 had several sessions on the role of technology in property tax assessment. I found IPTI COO Ruel Williamson’s presentation on the history of technology particularly interesting. I also enjoyed Dr. Douw […]

RICS Summit of the Americas 2015, Part 4

My review of the 2015 RICS Summit of the Americas covers a lot of ground, but that’s because this informative conference offered attendees such a wealth of information. My previous posts have discussed California’s property tax laws, international valuation standards, and global investment trends. This final post discusses the […]

RICS Summit of the Americas 2015, Part 3

I have written previously about attending the 2015 RICS Summit of the Americas. My last post focused on California’s property tax laws, although it also addressed how events in California might affect other taxing jurisdictions in the United States. Now we turn from the local to the global—today’s focus […]

Valuing Energy-Efficient Homes

According to a study released last year by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), energy efficiency is one of the features homebuyers are most interested in. Four of the top 10 most wanted features involved saving energy: 94% of respondents wanted Energy-Star rated appliances, 91% wanted an Energy-Star […]

More than 12,000 Appraisals Fail Every Week. Here’s Why—

The first time Richard Hagar, SRA, ran the numbers, he couldn’t believe it. So he ran the numbers again. Then he passed them to a colleague, who got the same answer: 12,346 appraisals fail every week.

Hagar, an appraiser and fraud profiler with American Home Appraisals, was so blown away […]

Fracking Can Damage Property Values

Last month a jury awarded a Texas family nearly $3 million, including $275,000 for the loss in market value of their property, in a lawsuit against a gas company that was using fracking techniques near their home. It was the first case involving fracking to go to trial, but it’s […]

Two Dr. Lipscombs Study the Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration on the Housing Market

HousingWire Magazine recently published an article entitled “Energizing Real Estate: Oil and Gas Exploration Could Shock Housing Markets” in their November 2013 issue. The article discusses the work of Dr. Clifford Lipscomb, Director – Economic Research at Greenfield Advisors, and his cousin, Dr. Joseph Lipscomb, a professor of finance […]

Article About Dr. Clifford Lipscomb’s Work Published in HousingWire

Seattle, WA – HousingWire Magazine recently published an article entitled “Energizing real estate: Oil and gas exploration could shock housing markets” in their November 2013 issue. The article discusses the work of Dr. Clifford Lipscomb, Director – Economic Research at Greenfield Advisors, and his cousin, Dr. Joseph Lipscomb, a professor […]

An Eminent Domain Case Affecting a Trophy Property, Part 2

As discussed in my previous post, a few years ago, a sanitation district used eminent domain to construct a large sewer pipe across the length of a property belonging to one of our clients. During an eminent domain action, the government entity acquiring the property must compensate the landowner for […]

Unconventional Shale Gas Development and Real Estate Valuation Issues

This article provides an overview of the real estate valuation issues related to unconventional shale gas activities, particularly those related to hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” With the research on this topic in its infancy, we focus more on the valuation issues that can arise as opposed to those that […]

An Example of Survey Use in Valuation

To give readers a better idea of how survey methodology can be used in a real estate valuation context, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the survey results we’ve found in the past. There have been several cases where we have been able […]