How Useful Are Economic Impact Studies?

Throughout my career in government, academia, and now the private sector, I have been asked if I know how to conduct economic impact studies (or economic impact assessments). I remember accepting my first assignment having not done one since graduate school. I was unfamiliar with the inner workings of […]

Land Use Policy Prescriptions for Local Government Using Spatially Oriented Data

This paper presents a model of land prices for the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority, with the goal to recommend the parcels it should purchase to meet 2030 industrial employment projections. This model is coupled with a separate multi-criteria analysis by the South Georgia Regional Development Center that uses geographic information system data, […]

Using Hedonic Modeling to Predict Neighborhood Demographic Changes

How can planners direct optimal, sustainable neighborhood development? Increasingly complex urban land use models have been developed to facilitate this task.
My dissertation research involved the best way to identify neighborhoods in hedonic pricing models1 and the types of households (based on income and demographic characteristics) most likely to move into […]