Weekly News Roundup for September 30, 2016

These are some of the stories we’ve been following this week.

A NASDAQ executive discussed the differences in capital raising for private and public companies.

Researchers in North Dakota tested a new way to remove salt from land where it was introduced during the hydraulic fracturing process. The new […]

A Counterpoint to Housing Prices Optimism

The Bigger Pockets Blog offered its own take on a recent Quartz piece that pushed for level-headed forecasting in the face of nearly universal positive news recently on the housing prices front. In the Quartz article, written by Jessica Love, studies from around the world are shown to demonstrate rises like the current […]

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House Prices Up 10.5% Year-over-year in March

The CoreLogic House Price Index report for March 2013 (not to be confused with the Case-Shiller index) shows a nationwide increase in home prices of 10.5% on a year-over-year basis. According to CoreLogic, “[t]his change represents the biggest year-over-year increase since March 2006 and the 13th consecutive monthly increase […]

Using Quantile Regression in Hedonic Analysis to Reveal Submarket Competition

In this paper, we use quantile regression analysis to explore the role submarket competition plays in setting housing prices in those price ranges where different submarkets occupy homes of similar price. We find evidence of direct competition between submarkets with different preferences for at least some homes in a […]