How Do We Appraise a Property with Dinosaur Bones and Other Fossils?

At Greenfield Advisors, we have built a reputation on our ability to value a wide range of assets, from contaminated properties to trophy properties, and from an alpaca herd to pharmaceutical royalties. One of the many interesting projects we have worked on over the last 40 years involved appraising a […]

Valuing the End of the World – Lenga Patagonia

In 2011 and 2012, Greenfield Advisors assisted our founder Bill Mundy, PhD, MAI, CRE (retired), in analyzing the Lenga Patagonia property in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Tierra del Fuego is the island province that lies at the southern tip of Argentine Patagonia—hence its nickname of Fin del Mundo, or […]

Plant DDD

With such an ominous sounding title, you might think a conference called Plant DDD could be something scary. In fact, DDD is an acronym for decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition, the processes involved with retiring power plants. The Plant DDD conference, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, January 13–15, 2015, was […]

An Eminent Domain Case Affecting a Trophy Property, Part 2

As discussed in my previous post, a few years ago, a sanitation district used eminent domain to construct a large sewer pipe across the length of a property belonging to one of our clients. During an eminent domain action, the government entity acquiring the property must compensate the landowner for […]

Valuing Brownfields

The appraisal adds significantly to the overall brownfield evaluation and potential adaptive reuse in numerous ways. The appraisal can and should be viewed as a decision-making tool to optimize financial decisions regarding brownfields. This chapter illustrates key elements of the appraisal analysis, thus highlighting important impacts on brownfield redevelopment […]

Highlights from Valuation of Brownfield Properties

The January 2006 update to Lexis-Nexis Matthew Bender’s Valuation Law and Practice saw a wholesale revision of Chapter 29, “Valuation of Brownfield Properties.” This article summarizes some of the highlights of that revision.
Author: John A. Kilpatrick
Originally published in the ABA Environmental Transactions and Brownfields Committee Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 1 (2006)
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