Weekly News Roundup for October 30, 2015

These are some of the stories we’ve been following this week.

The Gold King Mine owner spoke to reporters for the first time since the leak that sent contaminants into the Animas River in August, discussing his interactions with the U.S. EPA and his concerns about the source of the […]

Georgia Association of Assessing Officials Conference Highlights

I attended the Georgia Association of Assessing Officials (GAAO) 55th Annual Summer Conference on Jekyll Island, Georgia, July 20 and 21. If you are not familiar with Jekyll Island, it was the summer playground for some of the wealthiest families in America in the 1800s and early 1900s. Families […]

Economic Projections through 2035 for Lowndes, Lanier, and Berrien Counties

This paper presents projections of population, income, employment, and school enrollment at various levels of detail for three counties in southern Georgia through 2035. These projections were used by the Southern Georgia Regional Commission in their planning activities.
Authors: Clifford A. Lipscomb and Attila Cseh, Center for Business and Economic […]