How Economic Impact Analysis Can Serve Community Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a mandate of most communities throughout the U.S. The overall goal of the planning process is to create a strategy that guides the community into the future. It is a collective effort among the community, the local government, and regional businesses to look at where they […]

How Useful Are Economic Impact Studies?

Throughout my career in government, academia, and now the private sector, I have been asked if I know how to conduct economic impact studies (or economic impact assessments). I remember accepting my first assignment having not done one since graduate school. I was unfamiliar with the inner workings of […]

Economic Impact Studies

Greenfield Advisors is typically known for our work in real estate, but we actually perform analyses in many other contexts as well. One type of analysis we perform is economic impact analysis. To do this work, we typically use a program developed by MIG, Inc. called IMPLAN (IMpact analysis […]

Economic Methods in Historic Preservation

In this presentation, Dr. Kilpatrick discusses various economic studies measuring the economic effects of historic preservation. Collectively, the studies are used to illustrate the variety of methodologies available to measure the impacts of historic preservation. The methods discussed include traditional appraisal approaches and more academic methods of economic valuation, […]