Greenfield Advisors Named to Inc. Magazine’s List of 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies

Greenfield Advisors is honored to be listed on the Inc. 5000, which is Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. The real estate and financial analysis firm was ranked #2,800 in its first appearance on the list.

Greenfield Advisors had a busy 2015 as it […]

Vacant and Abandoned Properties Pose Complex Challenges

Vacant lots and abandoned properties negatively affect adjacent properties, neighborhoods, municipal and school district budgets, and the local economy. The professional and academic literature shows that vacant properties are correlated with increased crime rates and property value diminution, potentially leading to blighted neighborhoods. They reduce property tax collections and […]

Fracking and Earthquakes—More Connections and More Lawsuits

Ask anyone to name a major fault line in the United States. Most people will probably mention the infamous San Andreas Fault in California, the inspiration for plenty of disaster movies, TV shows, and books about earthquakes that destroy the city of Los Angeles and everything around it.

However, studies […]

BNSF Railway’s Massive Cleanup of Released Oil in Skykomish, Washington

Skykomish is a small town with about 200 residents in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in the northeastern corner of King County, Washington. For much of its history, Skykomish was a maintenance and fueling station for the Great Northern Railway, which eventually became part of what is now known […]

Fracking Can Damage Property Values

Last month a jury awarded a Texas family nearly $3 million, including $275,000 for the loss in market value of their property, in a lawsuit against a gas company that was using fracking techniques near their home. It was the first case involving fracking to go to trial, but it’s […]

Seattle Firm Assists Family in First Fracking Trial

Greenfield Advisors worked with Texas family to reach $3 million award
SEATTLE – Greenfield Advisors, LLC is proud to be part of the team that helped a Texas family win a nearly $3 million verdict in April in what appears to be the first fracking trial in the United States.

The 5-1 […]

Do Survey Results Systematically Differ From Hedonic Regression Results? Evidence From a Residential Property Meta-Analysis

In this paper, we evaluate the effect of environmental contamination situations on residential property values. Using the meta-analysis technique, conclusions are drawn about the effect of location, type of study conducted, empirical technique used, and economic conditions on various outcomes. Using observations extracted from 40 peer-reviewed articles, meta-regression analysis […]

The Gulf Oil Spill – Updated

Greenfield Advisors produced a June 15, 2010, white paper on the valuation issues stemming from the April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon explosion, fire, and subsequent oil spill. Since that time, significant new issues have arisen. Greenfield has been asked to take the lead in valuation issues, and has responded with several […]

Application of Repeat Sales Analysis to Determine the Impact of a Contamination Event

Prior studies of environmental contamination examine the cross-sectional impacts, either through a sales-comparison-type model or hedonic pricing. Neither model is robust at analyzing the impact of an event, such as a contamination announcement. Longer term longitudinal studies may not control for exogenous impacts, such as changes in house quality. […]

Construction Defects and Stigma

Properties suffering from construction defects exhibit a diminution in value resulting from both the actual cost to cure as well as the residual stigma losses. In the unremediated state, the sum of these should equal the diminution in market value, while post-remediation there is significant evidence of continued stigma. […]

Valuation Implications of EIFS

John A. Kilpatrick is an analyst with Mundy & Associates, a Seattle-based firm of economic, market, and valuation analysts. The firm performs valuation services for litigators in various areas of law. This commentary is an excerpt of a presentation Kilpatrick made at Mealey’s Construction Defects Conference in December 2000 […]