What Costs More Than Buying a House and Decreases Your Chances of Finding a Job? Diabetes!

November is National Diabetes Month in the United States, and November 14 is World Diabetes Day. In the spirit of these events, we decided to examine the economic effects of diabetes.
What is diabetes?
Briefly, diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic illnesses. The food you eat is normally broken down […]

Homeownership Rate Low Despite Strong Market

The U.S. housing market has seen a lot of good news in the first half of 2015. However, there is one statistic that has yet to rebound: the U.S. homeownership rate reached its lowest point in more than two decades when it landed at 63.7% in the first quarter […]

Home-Buying Affected by Declining Marriage Rate and Other Social Changes

Readers of a certain age will know the lyrics “Love and marriage, love and marriage/ Go together like a horse and carriage.” Most people just assume that the next stage in life is purchasing a home. However, Americans are increasingly either waiting to complete that progression or choosing a […]

How Useful Are Economic Impact Studies?

Throughout my career in government, academia, and now the private sector, I have been asked if I know how to conduct economic impact studies (or economic impact assessments). I remember accepting my first assignment having not done one since graduate school. I was unfamiliar with the inner workings of […]

Real Estate Trends Dominate MIPIM Conference

The global battle for assets, placemaking, and demographic shifts are expected to be the big trends we see in 2014, and all three were front and center at the 25th annual MIPIM conference at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France. The four-day event held in March was attended by 21,000 […]

Using Hedonic Modeling to Predict Neighborhood Demographic Changes

How can planners direct optimal, sustainable neighborhood development? Increasingly complex urban land use models have been developed to facilitate this task.
My dissertation research involved the best way to identify neighborhoods in hedonic pricing models1 and the types of households (based on income and demographic characteristics) most likely to move into […]

Housing Landscape 2013 Highlights Severe Housing Affordability Challenges

The Center for Housing Policy, an affiliate of the Washington-based advocacy group the National Housing Conference, has released its annual Housing Landscape report. Among other things, it reports that 26.4% of working renters spent more than half of household income on housing costs in 2011. The report defines a […]

Trends in First-Time Home Purchases: Recent College Graduates & Economics

Recently, The Seattle Times published an article discussing how U.S. home sales were at a 5-year high by the end of 2012.[1] Like any other citizen and particularly because we work in real estate, we were happy to hear this news. One aspect of the article that particularly caught our eye was […]

New Urban Housing Trend—Micro-Apartments

Recently, we’ve been seeing news articles about micro-apartments. We have found these 200- to 300-square-foot apartments incredibly interesting, and ultimately we decided to analyze why they are coming on the scene, as well as what types of markets might find these units ideal. The need for micro-apartments comes primarily […]

Using a Finite Mixture Model of Heterogeneous Households to Delineate Housing Submarkets

We use a finite mixture model to identify latent submarkets from household demographics that estimates a separate hedonic regression equation for each submarket. The method is a relatively robust empirical tool to extract submarkets from demographic information with far less effort than suspected. This method draws from latent class […]

Real estate and “the long game”

The two big economic stories right now—and probably for the rest of the year—will be the impact of the Euro problems and the impact of the impending “fiscal cliff” in the U.S. We don’t want to minimize the significance of either of these impending problems on the financial world in […]

Economic Projections through 2035 for Lowndes, Lanier, and Berrien Counties

This paper presents projections of population, income, employment, and school enrollment at various levels of detail for three counties in southern Georgia through 2035. These projections were used by the Southern Georgia Regional Commission in their planning activities.
Authors: Clifford A. Lipscomb and Attila Cseh, Center for Business and Economic […]

House Price Impacts of School District Choice

Prior studies indicate that school quality has a significant impact on house prices in surrounding neighborhoods. However, the mechanism for that impact is clouded in simultaneous equations complexity and causality issues. This study approaches the matter from the perspective of choice variables available to local school administrators and citizens. […]