An Eminent Domain Case Affecting a Trophy Property, Part 2

As discussed in my previous post, a few years ago, a sanitation district used eminent domain to construct a large sewer pipe across the length of a property belonging to one of our clients. During an eminent domain action, the government entity acquiring the property must compensate the landowner for […]

Certifying the Real Estate Damages Class – An Appraiser’s Perspective

This article reviews the basic underpinnings of real estate valuation and appraisal methods as they are applied in mass tort. It then summarizes the appraisal perspective on six categories of questions addressed in recent, successful class certifications:

Do individual property idiosyncrasies cause mass appraisal methods to violate Daubert?
Can the mass […]

Valuation of Impaired Land: Greenfield Advisors Experience with Contaminated Sites

This paper reviews issues related to estimating property value effects from contaminated sites. Industrial economies release millions of chemicals into air, soil, and water with adverse effects on human health, other species, future community economic development, and private property values. Hundreds of thousands of parcels are damaged by contamination […]