Statement of Principles

Greenfield Advisors is bound by the codes of professional ethics of several professional organizations to which our partners are members, including, but not limited to, the Appraisal Institute, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and the Counselors of Real Estate. Nonetheless, the scope of our work and the scope of our leadership in the community demands that we ascribe to a broader set of standards. This statement is not meant to replace those codes of professional ethics or to supersede them in any way, but rather to supplement them and clarify our roles as good business citizens.

The following statement was adopted in large part from the Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility, first proposed by the Rev. Leon Sullivan, Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Philadelphia, and Member of the Board of Directors of General Motors Corporation. As such, Greenfield Advisors has submitted this Statement of Standards and Principles to the Global Sullivan organization as a matter of record.

Greenfield Advisors will respect the law, and as a responsible member of society we will apply these Principles with integrity consistent with the legitimate role of business. We will develop and implement company policies, procedures, training and internal reporting structures to ensure commitment to these Principles throughout our organization. We believe the application of these Principles will achieve greater tolerance and better understanding among peoples, and advance the culture of peace.

Accordingly, we will:

  • Express our support for universal human rights and, particularly, those of our employees, the communities within which we operate, and parties with whom we do business.
  • Promote equal opportunity for our employees at all levels of the company with respect to issues such as color, race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, or religious beliefs, and operate without unacceptable worker treatment such as the exploitation of children, physical punishment, abuse, involuntary servitude, or other forms of abuse.
  • Respect our employees’ voluntary freedom of association.
  • Compensate our employees to enable them to meet at least their basic needs and provide the opportunity to improve their skill and capability in order to raise their social and economic opportunities.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace; protect human health and the environment; and promote sustainable development.
  • Promote fair competition including respect for intellectual and other property rights, and not offer, pay or accept bribes. Work with governments and communities in which we do business to improve the quality of life in those communities—their educational, cultural, economic, and social wellbeing—and seek to provide training and opportunities for workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Promote the application of these Principles by those with whom we do business. Be transparent in our implementation of these Principles and provide information that demonstrates publicly our commitment to them.

Adopted July 2001 – rev. April 2005