Complex Situations

There are some situations that make many appraisers throw up their hands –the property or situation is so complicated that it overwhelms their abilities or training and they lack the skills to complete the assignments. It’s those kinds of situations where Greenfield Advisors thrives – complex, nuanced, and often times a large scope of work. The depth of our “bench” of resources (from database architects to appraiser analysts) and breadth of experience (Exxon Valdez, Gulf Oil Spill, LUSTs) ensure that we are prepared to handle the most complex situations.

Natural Resource Preservation and Conservation Projects

We have developed a particular affinity for natural resource preservation and conservation projects. Greenfield Advisors has been involved in the valuation of high-amenity properties and rich natural-resource locations, easements, partial interests, conservation easements, land swaps, and gifts. In tax-credit cases our valuation work has consistently been accepted by the IRS. We are also well-versed in the burgeoning field of paleontological site valuation.

Complex Contract Disputes

Real estate contract problems often lead to the most complex and expensive of business disputes. Greenfield Advisors is experienced in real estate partnerships, data licensing issues, best practices, and operations and can help to negotiate amicable resolutions based on a deep and thorough analysis of all involved assets. Should negotiations fail to resolve a dispute, our principals are prepared to testify authoritatively on a variety of contract issues.

Private REIT Valuation

Greenfield Advisors has a particular expertise in valuing minority or non-traded interests in private REITs to settle dissolution or share valuation disputes. These situations often combine valuing underlying assets and valuing privately traded security interests.