Management Team

Dr. John Kilpatrick Chairman and
Co-Managing Director
JK Profile Pic
Dr. Clifford Lipscomb Vice Chairman and
Co-Managing Director
Lisa Mc Sherry Director of Administration
Denise Hemphill Director of Finance
Jonathan Putman Director of Operations Jonathan Putman

 Senior Analysts

Our senior analysts bring more than three decades of experience to Greenfield Advisors. They lead projects, efficiently deal with issues, and provide clients with the services they need to accomplish their goals. Their command and understanding of the real estate industry provides the rest of the Greenfield Advisors team with the resources and leadership required to solve any problem.

Dr. Andy Krause


Principal Data Scientist




Abi Mooney


 Senior Analyst




Kerry Mulvaney


 Senior Analyst




Linda Tayntor


 Senior Analyst


Tayntor, Linda


Ruel Williamson


 Senior Analyst




Analysts and Statisticians

Your Problems are Our Specialty

For more than four decades, Greenfield Advisors has provided clients across the globe with best-in-class analysis. Our award-winning team consists of analysts, statisticians, and programmers that create everything our clients need to get the job done. From feasibility studies to mass appraisals, we can tackle just about any project that comes our way.

Often, new questions or particular nuances are revealed during a project, which requires us to pivot as the target moves. Our team specializes in adapting to client needs, and together we can tackle any problem. We look forward to teaming up with you.