Valuation of Brownfield Properties

This chapter examines the valuation considerations for brownfields and other contaminated real estate, including issues such as stigma, appraisal standards and methods, and incorporates the impacts of the 2002 Brownfields Amendments on valuation practice. Additionally, this chapter presents examples of value-added opportunities in brownfield development, with a focus on […]

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Analysis for Lowndes County, Georgia, Summer 2010

This paper analyzes the commercial and residential real estate markets in Lowndes County, Georgia. Both market analyses include factors such as sales, average days on the market, absorption rates, and building permit activity. The commercial market analysis also examines hotel occupancy rates and vacancy and rental rates, while the […]

Realtors® Land Institute Land University Course: Subdivision Development

In Subdivision Development, sub-dividing is more than a marketing technique—it is a development process, and as such the course will focus on the production and the marketing of the product. The ultimate objective of sub-dividing is to buy by the acre and sell by the square foot. Therefore, the marketing […]

Valuing Brownfields

The appraisal adds significantly to the overall brownfield evaluation and potential adaptive reuse in numerous ways. The appraisal can and should be viewed as a decision-making tool to optimize financial decisions regarding brownfields. This chapter illustrates key elements of the appraisal analysis, thus highlighting important impacts on brownfield redevelopment […]

Economic Projections through 2035 for Lowndes, Lanier, and Berrien Counties

This paper presents projections of population, income, employment, and school enrollment at various levels of detail for three counties in southern Georgia through 2035. These projections were used by the Southern Georgia Regional Commission in their planning activities.
Authors: Clifford A. Lipscomb and Attila Cseh, Center for Business and Economic […]

Valuation of Impaired Land: Greenfield Advisors Experience with Contaminated Sites

This paper reviews issues related to estimating property value effects from contaminated sites. Industrial economies release millions of chemicals into air, soil, and water with adverse effects on human health, other species, future community economic development, and private property values. Hundreds of thousands of parcels are damaged by contamination […]

Highlights from Valuation of Brownfield Properties

The January 2006 update to Lexis-Nexis Matthew Bender’s Valuation Law and Practice saw a wholesale revision of Chapter 29, “Valuation of Brownfield Properties.” This article summarizes some of the highlights of that revision.
Author: John A. Kilpatrick
Originally published in the ABA Environmental Transactions and Brownfields Committee Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 1 (2006)
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Valuation of Impaired Property

There are a variety of disciplines that address various aspects of the real estate valuation problem, including land planning, accounting, and business consulting. This chapter focuses on the appraisal model, since it is most widely accepted and understood in the U.S., particularly by the courts. However, while noting that […]

Construction Defects and Stigma

Properties suffering from construction defects exhibit a diminution in value resulting from both the actual cost to cure as well as the residual stigma losses. In the unremediated state, the sum of these should equal the diminution in market value, while post-remediation there is significant evidence of continued stigma. […]

Daubert Raises Its Ugly Head Again

A court of appeals in Kentucky threw out an award based on the expert’s failure under Daubert.
Author: John A. Kilpatrick
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Lead Contamination Impact on Property Values Significant

Lead paint contamination has become a widespread problem in the United States, with an estimated 21 million U.S. residences potentially contaminated. However, lead contamination from other sources is significant as well, and the contamination issues are typically not well understood.
Author: John A. Kilpatrick
Originally published in the Real Estate/Environmental Liability News, […]

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House Price Impacts of School District Choice

Prior studies indicate that school quality has a significant impact on house prices in surrounding neighborhoods. However, the mechanism for that impact is clouded in simultaneous equations complexity and causality issues. This study approaches the matter from the perspective of choice variables available to local school administrators and citizens. […]